This peaceful island, with komodo dragons, sleeping volcanoes, shimmering turquoise sea, white beaches and waterfalls, is Indonesia’s true hidden gem.

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A unique location

Menjaga Sunset


Menjaga Sunset is a high-end lifestyle destination which not only offers an idyllic paradise getaway, but is also focused on marine-preservation and eco-tourism.

The first sub-divide on Menjaga Sunset has been released with a number of plots still available for purchase. Inspired by the striking geology and terrain of Menjaga Sunset the architecture responds to the slope of the land and the shape and profile of the hills to create a unique residential resort that works in harmony with the site.

21.4 ha

Overall area

5 ha


16.4 ha

Retail plots

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Why invest in Flores


The Labuan Bajo area in Flores has been nominated by the government as a special economic zone and significant infrastructure investment is already in motion to speed up Flores’ development and to reach 500 000 visitor goal by 2019.

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Rapid development and good connections

High-end eco-tourism and lifestyle

Breathtaking views and crystal clear waters

Your professional partner

Invest with FOMO


We are the only group operating in Labuan Bajo, Flores, that combines in-depth knowledge of the area, strong local government and community relationships, a skilled Flores based team and Indonesian and international executives with an intimate understanding of the tourism and infrastructure investment business worldwide.

We have a proven track record of the land acquisition, investment and sub-division in the Labuan Bajo region, and we own significant portfolios of land parcels within close proximity of both the marina and the new international airport.

We have a vision and master plan to leverage the entire value chain across the existing and future development of this emerging area and are positioned to dominate our chosen market.

We are committed to operating in a manner that allows commercial, community and environmental factors to all co-exist and thrive together.

We have been working with the local villages to ensure the long-term protection of the villages themselves, and other sensitive areas such as the teak forest, shoreline and reef.

As the area develops, the interests of the villages and the investors in Menjaga will be managed hand in hand to create the optimal destination, balancing the visitor experience and commercial opportunity on the one hand, and the preservation of the environment and the protection and advancement of the villagers on the other. We are committed to the community and have instigated dental education, reading and recreational schemes.

We are committed to the protection and nurturing of the beautiful natural environment, both land and marine. We are working with the local villages on a rubbish collection and environmental education. At Menjaga we will protect the existing reef and implement programs to support the growth of the reefs and therefore the marine life that is supported by the reef.

Our developments will adhere to EarthCheck Certification, the world’s leading program used by the travel and tourism industry to attain environmental sustainability status. EarthCheck provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet. The certification must incorporate annual measurement of operational indicators such as energy, emissions, water, waste, community involvement, paper use, cleaning and pesticide use. More information can be found at:

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