Construction of Main Port

Construction of the new main port for Labuan Bajo has started, with the joint venture companies working towards a better operating port that will also assist in beautifying that area of Labuan Bajo. The three companies involved are the state-owned sea-port operator ASDP Indonesia Ferry, Pertamina’s hotel operator PT Patra Jasa and state-owned construction firm PT Pembangunan Perumahan.

This project will see the Labuan Bajo port and marina facilities being able to accommodate cruise ships and up to 70 yachts at the one time. It will also see a re-development of the fish-landing areas and markets with plans to create a more modern fish market based on successful models from around the world.

Flores is one of the ten national destinations being prioritised by the government for development so the funding for this project will come from state budgets as well as private funding. The port and marina project is due for completion around 2020, with forecasts that this development and expansion will be critical in the government’s mission to have Labuan Bajo, and wider Flores, as one of the main focus’s of tourism development in Indonesia.