Good Flight Connections

Getting to Flores is a quick flight from direct from Denpasar, and the flight lands at Labuan Bajo airport which is very close to the town centre. Currently there are between 10 to 15 flights per day. The government wants to further develop the airport by expanding runways and acquiring more land, plus there are plans for improved infrastructure with regards to water, cleaning and roads.

This project would see the Labuan Bajo airport having capacity for over 1 million visitors per annum, currently it has just over 200,000 per annum however the current airport can support 500,000 visitors every year. The governments mission is to see Labuan Bajo as second to Bali in tourist movement in Indonesia.

The Labuan Bajo airport expansion project is going out for auction in March 2018 (at the time of printing), with the successful company working under the Government and Business Entities cooperation scheme.