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Menjaga Sunset

Lush green rolling hills, stunning sunset views over the water and the islands of Komodo National Park, a breathtaking paradise as far as the eye can see… welcome to Menjaga Sunset.

Menjaga Sunset is the flagship project by FOMO Asia. The first sub-division of Menjaga Sunset has just been released with 34 plots of prime land available for purchase and development.

With enviable views and a coastline that will capture the imagination of every visitor, the Menjaga Sunset land encourages bespoke architecture; architecture that creates a seamless fusion of stylish interiors with the natural beauty of the outdoors, an experience as well as a destination.

The community design allows a fluid aesthetic, embracing the colours and contours of the land with the changing light and shadows, allowing designs to reflect the stunning coastline and relaxed lifestyle. The materials and palette for the project are site specific, allowing a cohesive design for the community, villas and public buildings. Menjaga Sunset is a blend of timeless design sitting within beautiful natural landscapes and a siren’s call to investors and visitors alike.

21.4 ha

Overall area

5 ha


16.4 ha

Retail Plots